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Pool Frog
"NEW" Pool Brite Super Liquid Floc
List Price: $23.99
Our Price: $19.88
Sale Price: $19.88
25lb Pail 78% Active Ingredient POOLIFE Turbo Shock
List Price: $139.99
Our Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $119.99
BioGuard Optimizer Plus 8lb.
List Price: $52.99
Our Price: $32.99
Sale Price: $32.99
NEW Pool Brite Super Liquid Floc. Quickly settle suspended debris to bottom for quick clean-up and vacuuming. Clears cloudy pools overnight.

Product Features Extra strength 15% stronger Extra fast-acting 75% available chlorine Advanced formulation made with a patented process Faster dissolving to work faster (see charts on below) More powerful to combat algae and bacteria More uniform particle size to work faster and more completely No need to predissolve Convenient package sizesProduct Specifications Active Ingredient: Calcium Hypochlorite 78%? Available Chlorine: Minimum ? 75% Convenient granular form.  1 LB. PER 15000 GAL.

8lb. Bottle

  • Enhances the performance of all BioGuard®'s pool maintenance programs
  • For use in all pool types
  • Will not evaporate and is not destroyed by ultra-violet rays of the sun
  • Provides superior water quality

    Works with all other pool sanitizing programs, ie. Chlorine, Baquacil, Soft Swim, Pool Frog

Fits "FITS MODELS 6100, 5100, 5200,5770 AND 5771"

Fits Inground series 5400, 5600, 5790

Pristine Extra 25lb.
List Price: $149.99
Our Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $109.99
Pristine Pure
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $49.88
EZ-Pool 20#
List Price: $279.99
Our Price: $249.99

Pool Frog Above Ground Value Pak, includes Model 6100 series above mineral cartridge, 12 Chlorine BacPacs + 1 Bam Algicide

"NEW SIZE"   Pristine Extra 25lb. Bucket NEW PristinePureTM is just that, “pure batch” enzymes. This versatile 4-in-1 multipurpose enzymatic cleaner, controls phosphates and acts as a natural water clarifier. The super concentrated formula is non-toxic and environmentally friendly with no dyes or fragrances. It breaks down oils, lotions and cosmetics to keep filters cleaner for extended life. EZ-Pool 20lb. Pail

Pool Frog Inground Value Pak, includes Model 5400 series Inground mineral cartridge, 12 Chlorine BacPacs + 1 Bottle Bam Algicide.

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Pool Shock

List Price: $119.95
Our Price: $119.95
Sale Price: $59.99
Savings: $59.96
Poolife Super Shock 'n Swim shock treatment. Powerful shock treatment for crystal clear water. Good for all pool surfaces.
62.4% Calcium Hypochlorite

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